Patient Testimonials

“The hearing aids have changed my life. They have improved my quality of life. You all are wonderful.” -T.C.

“Donna, thank you and Danelle so much for going the extra mile in getting my hearing aids just right.” - John Shubert

"Dear Donna, Thank you for your communications and your exceptional care of my hearing problems. You have been truly professional and expert and I am delighted with the service you have given me." - Paul Salmon, M.D.

"Dear Donna, Thank you on behalf of Barb and me for our hearing aids. They are comfortable but work perfectly. They have improved our quality of life. As a certified Audiologist, your pledge to guarantee total satisfaction is a great relief to first timers who have no idea what to expect and what it takes to fit and balance the hearing aids to individual needs in order to work properly. How lucky we were to have our Primary Care Physician recommend you. Barb and I will continue to recommend you to friends and family as we feel very fortunate to have such a pleasant, caring professional to care for our hearing needs. - Best regards, Bob Hoecker"

"My Name is Marilyn Marvin, and I am the wife of Lloyd Marvin. He was involved in the study for new hearing aids. When he received his first set of hearing aids the world opened up for him. As time went on, his hearing started to change.

These new hearing aids have changed his hearing for the better. We now have regular talks at the dining room table. They are so much smaller, that you can’t even see them. He can watch TV and follow the shows better. His whole well-being is so much better. Life is more relaxed because he can hear everything. I thank you for helping to improve his quality of life. - Sincerely, Marilyn Marvin"

"My wife and I retired on June 30th, 2015 and moved to Longboat Key. We have had an ongoing “conversation” that I may have a hearing loss that has happened over the last several years. Your recent ad … promising to “save” a marriage was very humorous and caught our attention. I am so glad that we were tested by you …. it became quite apparent that I have a significant hearing loss. I now have corrective hearing aids and this truly has become a “life changing moment” for me and for my wife! I cannot believe the difference in what I can now hear! I also realize how frustrating my hearing loss was to my wife, my family, and me. Hearing loss can create significant issues in communication between loved ones.  
Thank you for making such a positive impact on our lives! Your advice, professional knowledge and counsel has been amazing… I highly recommend your services!
Again thanks for all that you have done for me and my family! My very best regards, Rich Pearce"

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